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                                                                                 Milan’ın Modern Yuzu


Imagine a city well-known with world biggest cathedral and one of the oldest shopping centre and also heart of fashion and design.

Yes I am talking about beautiful Milano. Magnificent city with its colours and history. Obviously you cannot leave the city just with its history, of course city need to renew itself.

Since II Duomo had been completed, it had been the tallest building in the entire city.

Do you think local people want to see any taller building than II Duomo ?

I guess in traditionally speaking, answer would be ‘No!’

Maybe because of their love or respect to II Duomo, maybe because of their habitude to the city.This is a still debatable issue in the city.

II Duomo is not the tallest building in the Milan any more. Cesar Pelli’s Uni Credit headquarter is taller than it. Some people resemble it to Burj Khalifa because the spiral on the top. Local people rejected it for a long time but at the end in according to their discourse ‘money wins’ and they gave up arguing. If it is about Pelli and his masterpiece, I glad that Uni Credit won.


Bir sehir hayal edin ki dunyanin en buyuk kathedraline ve en eski alisveris merkezlerinden birine sahip olsun ayni zamanda moda ve dizaynin kalbi olsun.

Evet, renkleri ve tarihi ile harika bir sehir olan guzel Milan’dan bahsediyorum. Acikcasi bir sehri sadece tarihi ile birakamazsiniz, tabi ki de sehir kendini yenilemelidir.

II Duomo yapildigi gunden bu yana sehrin en yuksek binasiydi. Sizce yerel halk II Duomo’dan daha yuksek bir bina gormek ister miydi ?  Geleneksel degerler ile konusacaksak; sanirsam cevap ‘Hayir!’ olurdu.

Belki II Duomo’ya olan sevgilerinden ya da saygilarindan, belki de sehre olan aliskanliklarindan midir bilinmez ama bu konu sehirde halen ciddi bir tartisma konusu.

Artik II Duomo Milan’in en yuksek binasi degil. Cesar Pelli’nin Uni Credit merkez binasi Duomo’dan daha yuksek. Bazilari tepesinde bulunan sarmaldan dolayi binayi Dubai’de ki Burj Khalifa’ya benzetiyor. Yerel halk cok uzun sure Uni Credit’e karsi ciktilar ama sonunda ‘para kazanir’ dediler ve tartismayi biraktilar. Eger tartisilan konu Pelli ve onun harika eseriyse; Uni Credit’in kazanmasina sevindim.

First of all world is changing, it is growing. We have to follow these. I always believe in old and new make great symphony. There plenty of example all around the world; old cathedral standing next to highrise glass buildings. Especially in todays world, we are facing with big and bigger competitions. Cities, engineers, architects are always challenging to each other for making the bigger, higher. Herewith i found the arguments  insignificiant about Uni Credit. Of course, there will be always better comes.

I first saw Uni Credit building from top of II Duomo and I love it at first sight. Even thought with all the prejudice from locals, it has very nice aesthetic place on the sky of Milano. As soon as I saw it, i said i really wanna see it closer, glass is always be one of my most favourite architectural element. Other one is stone, thanks to Pelli, he used stone on the project which makes it even much more beautiful.

IMG_1940Oncelikle dunya degisiyor, gelisiyor. Biz de bunu takip etmek zorundayiz. Ben her zaman eski ile yeninin cok guzel bir senfoni olusturduguna inanirim. Dunyada bu konuda cok fazla ornek var, eski bir kathedralin yuksek katli cam binalarin yaninda durdugu ornekler mevcut. Ozellikle bugunun dunyasinda buyuk hatta daha buyuk rekabetler ile karsilasiyoruz. Sehirler, muhendisler, mimarlar birbirleri ile surekli daha buyugunu, daha yuksegini yapmak icin rekabet halindeler. Bu nedenle Uni Credit ile ilgili olan tartismalari anlamsiz buluyorum. Tabi ki de her zaman daha iyisi gelecek.

Uni Credit’i ilk II Duomo’nun catisindan gordugumde sevmistim zaten. Yerel halkin onyargilarina ragmen Milan semalarinda guzel bir estetik yer kapliyor. Gorur gormez, bu binayi daha yakindan gormeliyim dedim. Cam benim icin her zaman en favori mimari malzemelerden biri olmustur. Diger favori malzemem ise ‘tas’. Pelli’ye projede tas kullandigi icin tesekkur ederim ki bu binayi cok daha guzel yapti.

Lets talk about the project now, architecture is loading.

Hadi biraz da projeden bahsedelim, mimari yukleme yapma zamani. 

IMG_1941Uni-Credit has several names; Garibaldi Tower (most common name) or Pelli Tower or Hines Cesar.

Project is designed by  Argentinian architect Cesar Pelli who is famous with skycraper. (architect of Petronas Tower in Malaysia)

Currently building is the tallest building in Milano with its 231 m height. It will be the second tallest after completition of ‘Citylife project’. Project is constructing in Tre Torri with participation of three famous architect. Zaha Hadid with residence and General Tower project, Arato Isozaki with Allianz Tower project and Daniel Libenskind with rezidens ve Park Tower project.

Uni-Credit is located in Piazza Gae Aulenti (nearest station is Garibaldi station).

District is surrounded with newly completed and ongoing headquarters and residences projects. This area is totally different than the touristic part of Milan, for me it is the best touristic district. I assume it will be Canary Wharf of Milano. I know it sounds like freaky or funny but when it comes to building I become an emoji with heart on its eyes.

 IMG_1932Uni-Credit’in bircok ismi var. Bunlardan en bilineni Garibald kulesi ve digerleri ise Pelli kulesi yada Cesar mentesesi (Bunun nedenini bende ogrenemedim, elbet bir aciklamasi vardir).

Proje, basarili gokdelenleri ile bilinen Arjantinli mimar Cesar Pelli tarafindan tasarlandi. (Cesar Pelli, Malezya’da ki Petronas Kulelerinin mimari).

Bina su anda 231 metre yuksekligi ile Milan’in en yuksek binasi. ‘Citylife’ projesi tamamlandiktan sonra 2. en yuksek binasi olacak. Dunyaca unlu 3 buyuk mimar tarafindan tasarlanan Citylife projesinin insaati ise Tre Torri’de devam ediyor. Zaha Hadid rezidens ve General Tower projesiyle,  Arato Isozaki Allianz Tower projesiyle,  Daniel Libenskind ise rezidens ve Park Tower projesi ile Citylife’da yer aliyor. 

Uni-Credit, Piazza Gae Aulenti’de yer aliyor. (Gaibaldi istasyonu en yakin istasyon).

Bulundugu meydan yeni yapilmis ve yapilmakta olan rezidansler, ofis bloklari ile dolu. Burasi Milan’in genel turistik kisimlarindan farkli, ama benim icin harika turistik bir alan. Sanirsam burasi Milano’nun Canary Wharf’i olma yolunda. Bizde ki Levent olabilir. Kulaga cok sacma ya da komik gelebilir ama soz konusu binalar olunca gozlerinde kalp olan emoji gibi oluyorum. 

Project occupies 7 hectare of master plan cite. Project is comprise of 3 towers and Uni Credit building and large piazza with fountain and nicely design massive canopies (eaves). I mostly in love with those  canopies. Couple of months ago while I was working on a project, there were similar massive eaves that I was struggling with. Similarity on those projects catch my attention more than any other parts on the cite.


By the time we went there it was around lunch time, maybe that is why there were live music and water show on the fountain. Piazza is very well organised and it is very functional. Site arrangement (lanscape architecture) is not bothering anybody even though with those tall buildings. I want to say that site modulation is very well, wind movement is well enough because wind is always problem with tall buildings and their surroundings and for many other technical points I gave big applause.

IMG_64657  hektarlik bir alaninda yer projede 3 kule ile Uni-Credit kulesinin de bulundugu buyuk bir meydandan olusuyor. Bu meydanda sus havuzu ile guzelce dizayn edilmis kanopiler mevcut. Ben en cok bu kanopileri begendim. Bir kac ay once, Istanbul’da bir proje icin calisirken bunlara benzer kocaman kanopiler ile ugrasiyordum. Projeler arasinda ki benzerlikler benim ilgimi daha da cekti, acikcasi. 

Oraya gittigimizde ogle arasiydi, her halde bundan dolayidir ki canli muzik ve su gosterisi vardi. Piazza cok guzenli organize edilmis ve fonksiyonel. Proje alaninin organizasyonu (peyzaj mimarisi) o yuksek binalara ragmen kimseyi rahatsiz etmiyor. Demek isterim ki, saha modulasyonu cok iyi, ruzgarin hareketleri kafii derecede cunku yuksek bina ve cevresi icin bu her zaman ciddi bir sorun olmusturuyor ve diger bircok teknik konu acisindan benden kocaman bir alkis aldilar. 

 How about the technical side of the project ? Shall we start immediately ?

Projenin teknik yanlari nerede peki? Hemen baslayalim mi ?

According to my surveys and readings. Reflective glass used for the project, personally I dont like reflective glass because it cause more electricity, project has LEED Certificate that is why glass reflectivity and light transmittance are not issue as I thought. I saw horizontal sunshade brakers on every each 2 floors, this gives building a nice ambiance.

Stone cladding on the street level and cold facade in between fluid shape and back facade.

Canopies are making half circle with connecting in between of 3 building on podium levels. They are ring-shaped with glass and steel connection materials.


 Okuduklarima ve arastirdiklarima gore, bu projede ‘reflektif cam’ kullanilmis. Ben, daha fazla elektrik tuketimine neden oldugu icin kisisel olarak reflektif cami pek sevmem ama projenin LEED Sertifikasi oldugu icin camin yansimasi ve isik gecirgenligi benim dusundugum kadar  etkili degil her halde. Her 2 katta bir ise yatay gunes kiricilar mevcut, bu da binaya guzel bir goruntu katmis.  

Binanin arka cephe ile akiskan cephelerinin arasinda bulunan sokak cephesinde ve soguk cephede tas kaplama uygulanmis.

Kanopiler ise diger 3 binanin podyum katinda birbirine baglanarak yarim cember olusturuyor. Bunlar da halka biciminde cam ve celik baglanti malzelerinden olusmuslar.  

And finally, we shall talk about LEED a bit. Of course this famous project has LEED Certification like many others. Currently being able to achieve LEED Certification is some kind of fashion.IMG_6464

Uni Credit has LEED GOLD Certificate (app. has points from 60 to 79). On Pelli Architect / www.pcparch.com; ‘Energy consumption will be reduced by 37% with high-performance glazing, daylight control. By the way Uni-Credit is the first Italian pilot project to received LEED Gold Certificate.

Ve finalde ise LEED konusalim biraz. Tabi ki de diger meshur projeler gibi bu binanin da LEED Sertifikasi olmasi lazim. Su aralar LEED sahibi olmak biraz moda gibi birsey oldu galiba. 

Uni Credit LEED Altin Sertifikasina sahip. (ortalama 60 ile 79 arasi bir puan soz konusu). Pelli Architect / www.pcparch.com sitesine gore; yuksek performansli camlar ve gun isinin kontrolu ile enerji tuketimi %37 oraninda azaldi. Boylece Uni-Credit Italya’da LEED Altin Sertifikasini alan ilk plot proje oldu. 

I took this part from Pelli Architect’s web site:

  • 22.5 % energy saving
  • 37.3 % reduction in the use of potable water building
  • 100 % reuse of rainwater
  • 51 % reduction of water for irrigation
  • 93 % recycling of construction waste
  • 20.5 % of material from recycling used in construction
  • 41 % of building materials local

Bu kismi ise Pelli Mimarligin web sitesinden aynen yaziyorum:

–   % 22.5 oraninda enerji tasarrufu

  • % 37.3 oraninda binanin icilebilir suyununun azaltilmasi
  • % 100 oraninda yagmur suyunun tekrar kullanimi
  • % 51 oraninda sulama suyunda azaltma
  • % 93 oraninda insaat sarfiyatinin geri donusumu
  • % 20.5 oraninda  insaatta kullanilan malzemelerin geri donusum olarak kullanilmasi
  • % 41 oraninda lokal malzeme kullanimi

IMG_1937BMU (Building maintenance units) is always one of the biggest disputes on the project, unsolvable points of the projects. Especially on the curved facades on skyscrapers, flat surfaces are easily maintain with monorail system but curved areas are problematic. I heard climbers for cleaning the facade during the meetings but never seen it on the actual building. It is the first time me to see climbers are working on the facade with classical music on the piazza. Of course I watched them.

Bina Temizligi (BMU) projelerin her zaman en buyuk problemleri,  cozulmesi en zor kisimlari olmustur. Ozellikle de gokdelenlerin bukumlu cepheleri icin, duz cepheler monorail dedikleri catidan  salinan sepet sistemi ile kolaylikla temizlenirken, egimli cepheler hep problemli olmustur. Toplantilarda hep dagcilarin cepheyi temizlemesi konusulurdu ama gercek hayatta uygulamasini hic gormemistim. Meydandan gelene klasik muzik esliginde dagcilarin cepheyi temizledigini gormek benim icin bir ilk oldu, oturdum izledim tabi ki de.

Uni-Credit is a one of the most beautiful project I have seen with the perfect combination of glass and stone. Composite panels are hardly used hence building has a significant effect. I always found aluminium composite cladding as cold, I could not love it. I already talk the beauty of piazza on above, again it was very well organised and planned.

Uni-Credit gordugum projeler icinde camin ve tasin kombinasyonu ile en harikalarından biri oldu. Kompozit panel cok az kullanildi ve boylece binada etkileyici bir etki yaratildi. Aluminyum kompozit kaplamayi hep soguk bulmusumdur, kendisini bir sevemedim de. Meydanin ne kadar guzel oldugundan yukarida bahsetmistim ama tekrardan ne kadar guzel organize edildigini ve planlandigini soylemeliyim.

I guess it is a place I love to work.

Sanirim burasi benim calismak isteyecegim bir yer! 


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